ASMA POLAND is a member of an Austrian group Asma Polyurethane, one of the leading manufacturers of polyurethane elastomer components in Europe. We employ over 30 years of our partner’s experience. We have been processing polyurethane in Poland since 1990. With our modern laboratory, we continuously introduce innovation and latest technologies.

Our asset is the best product quality, which is the driving force of our business. We export over 80% of our products to Western Europe. We can handle both large-scale mass production, and small orders. Our advantages are the latest elastomer technologies, professionalism, and individual approach to your needs. We are always at your disposal.

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Asma Poland is part of an Austrian group Asma Polyurethane

  • We work with over five thousand customers in Poland and abroad. We place a high value on customer satisfaction because we know it affects our growth directly. To better meet the needs of our customers, we continuously improve our service quality.
  • Our cooperation with the Faculty of Material Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Military University of Technology yields innovative material and structural solutions in the polyurethanes domain. The resulting materials are intended for various industries.
  • We have always been focusing on innovation and high quality of service. Our goal is to implement new solutions, perfect the existing technologies, and develop dynamically together with the best academic facilities in Poland.
Asma Poland

Customer Satisfaction

We are well aware that customer satisfaction drives the stable development of our business. The focus on your particular needs regardless of the size and value of order convinced over five thousand companies in Poland and abroad to trust us. Thank you for your confidence in us. We believe more customers will trust ASMA’s quality in the future.


In the beginning, our products were bought mainly by Polish users. Ever since many international customers have trusted us. Today, over 80% of our products are sold to North and South America, Asia, and most Western and Eastern European countries. New customers and markets are an integral part of our policy.

High Quality

The high quality of products and services is our priority. Our quality control department has cutting-edge measuring systems, and every employee is committed to implementing our quality policy. We have devised several sophisticated procedures to meet the quality requirements of our customers. All our departments and processes are controlled as well as our suppliers. Our complaint ratio is now less than 1%.