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Anti-vibration elements and buffers

Polyurethane is an excellent energy-absorbing material. This makes it ideal for the manufacture of products such as anti-vibration elements and polyurethane bumpers.

Anti-vibration and buffer components such as: Polyurethane springs, bumpers, buffers and anti-vibration pads from ASMA POLAND

This group of polyurethane products - anti-vibration and bumper elements - is an excellent alternative to their counterparts made of other materials. Thanks to their unique properties, our polyurethane anti-vibration and bumper elements such as polyurethane springs, bumpers, buffers and anti-vibration pads are an increasingly popular option in the construction of machines used in many industries. Our range includes high-quality polyurethane springs, deflectors, bumpers and anti-vibration pads made of polyurethane elastomer of any shape and available in the entire Shore A and Shore D hardness scale. Among the main advantages that our anti-vibration and bumper elements have are:

  • dimension, shape and technical parameters in accordance with customer requirements,
  • outstanding durability, even under intensive use,
  • enhanced protection against the effects of grease, oil and other industrial chemicals,
  • ability to carry relatively heavy loads while remaining compact,
  • anti-vibration elements and polyurethane buffers are suitable for use in a wide temperature range.

High-quality polyurethane buffers

We hope that you are interested in our range of polyurethane products from the anti-vibration and bumper elements group. Polyurethane springs and other bumper elements offer many advantages over products made of other materials. You are welcome to contact us for all kinds of polyurethane springs, bumpers, buffers and anti-vibration pads. Our qualified staff will be sure to find the right solution.

ASMA POLSKA is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane springs, which are ideal for applications in various industries and sectors. The polyurethane from which our springs are manufactured is an excellent energy-absorbing material, making our products ideal for use in harsh environments. Our polyurethane springs have excellent elasticity and tensile strength, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Thanks to the fact that our polyurethane springs are made from the highest quality elastomers, they can operate over a wide temperature range and are resistant to various external influences.

Polyurethane is also a material that is ideal for the manufacture of anti-vibration components and polyurethane bumpers. Thanks to the fact that polyurethane is flexible and energy-absorbing, these products effectively reduce noise and vibrations in various types of equipment and machinery. Our polyurethane anti-vibration elements and bumpers are manufactured from the highest quality materials, which ensures their durability and long service life. All our polyurethane products, including springs, anti-vibration elements and polyurethane bumpers, are inspected at every stage of production to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Because our products are customised to customer requirements, they can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, colours and hardnesses.

Polyurethane buffers and anti-vibration components - expert advice

The high quality of the product range on offer and the wide range of products on offer are important features on which the reputation of our company at home and abroad is largely based. In practice, however, the aforementioned characteristics are only two of the three most important strengths that characterise the entire Asma Polyurethane group to which we belong. The last is a fully comprehensive and flexible approach to our customers' needs, understood not only in terms of the fact that we are able to manufacture anti-vibration elements and polyurethane bumpers to your exact specifications, but also meaning fully professional advice.

When it comes to polyurethane buffers or anti-vibration elements, there is a multitude of types on the market and the differences are sometimes easy to overlook for the inexpert. For this reason, we offer our customers the possibility of a full consultation to suit their needs

So, whether you are interested in specific bumpers or anti-vibration components, or are just looking for the right solution, you are more than welcome to contact our highly qualified advisory staff. We guarantee that together we will find the right products for your machinery and plant.

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Plastics processing is the process of manufacturing plastic products such as polyurethanes. Products such as technical parts, cushioning components and other elastomeric products can be manufactured using polyurethane processing.

ASMA POLSKA is a member of the Austrian Asma Polyurethane Group, one of the leading manufacturers of technical parts made of polyurethane elastomers in Europe, which ensures the high quality of our products. In addition, our experience of more than 30 years and our state-of-the-art laboratory allow us to constantly innovate and introduce the latest technologies.

ASMA POLSKA offers its customers the fulfilment of large-scale and individual orders, the latest solutions in elastomer technology, expert advice, an individual approach to customer needs and constant availability and readiness to cooperate.

ASMA POLSKA is a dynamically developing company whose most important asset is the highest quality of its products. More than 80% of our production is exported to Western European markets, which proves our leading position on the plastics processing market.

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