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Polyurethane pipes

Polyurethane is ideal for coating the inside of pipes with it due to its high mechanical resistance. 

The applied polyurethane coating protects the pipe from premature wear.

Thanks to their physical and mechanical properties, in particular their high abrasion and cutting resistance, polyurethane-coated pipes are ideal for transporting abrasive bulk materials.

The above-mentioned characteristics allow our polyurethane pipes to be used in many industries where there is a need for efficient transport, for example:

  • Grain transfer
  • Transport of excavated material in open pit and underground mines
  • Transport of excavated material in gravel and sand pits
  • Transfer of coal and other bulk materials at port terminals

We use advanced centrifugal force technology in a specially adapted centrifuge to apply polyurethane coatings to the inside of the pipes.

In addition, we also offer accessories such as:

  • Polyurethane elbows
  • Polyurethane spigots
  • Polyurethane tees
  • Polyurethane seals

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Plastics processing is the process of manufacturing plastic products such as polyurethanes. Products such as technical parts, cushioning components and other elastomeric products can be manufactured using polyurethane processing.

ASMA POLSKA is a member of the Austrian Asma Polyurethane Group, one of the leading manufacturers of technical parts made of polyurethane elastomers in Europe, which ensures the high quality of our products. In addition, our experience of more than 30 years and our state-of-the-art laboratory allow us to constantly innovate and introduce the latest technologies.

ASMA POLSKA offers its customers the fulfilment of large-scale and individual orders, the latest solutions in elastomer technology, expert advice, an individual approach to customer needs and constant availability and readiness to cooperate.

ASMA POLSKA is a dynamically developing company whose most important asset is the highest quality of its products. More than 80% of our production is exported to Western European markets, which proves our leading position on the plastics processing market.

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